Application Engineering and Sales – Challenge Accepted

Sales & Application Engineer – an interesting combination, which makes this job at SWARCO Advanced Industry Systems an exciting challenge.

Andreas Peham recently joined SWARCO Advanced Industry Systems as Sales & Application Engineer, where he focuses on application development and sales for SWARCOFORCE glass filler beads. Used as filling agents, they impact the properties of products, thereby enhancing their functionality. “It’s an interesting mix” – this is how Andreas Peham, who is also completing a master’s programme in Polymer Technologies and Science at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, describes his job.

Amstetten, 30th November 2020 – A broad range of possibilities for special industry applications and new product developments that leverage the universal benefits of glass beads – Andreas Peham sees great potential, as well as his professional future, in this field. The plastics engineer has recently reinforced the SWARCO Advanced Industry Systems team by joining as a Sales & Application Engineer. The new business segment of the SWARCO group focuses on catering to industry perfectly by utilizing glass beads.

SWARCOFORCE Glass Filler Beads
“For SWARCO Advanced Industry Systems, the next step will be to promote its product portfolio externally. We want to leverage our know-how to create tailor-made solutions for our clients,” says Andreas Peham, who, in addition to his Bachelor’s degree in Polymer Engineering, is currently completing two master’s programmes at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, one in Polymer Technologies and Science, and one in Legal and Business Aspects for Technicians. In his work, he focuses on product development and sales for SWARCOFORCE glass filler beads, which can serve as filling agents for paints, varnishes and coatings to utilize different physical properties of glass. Micro glass beads are also used in plastics engineering to optimize the properties of plastics. Typical applications are technical components, interior and exterior automotive parts, and 3D printed materials. In the building materials industry, SWARCOFORCE glass filler beads are used, among others, in translucent joint sealants, which break light in addition to reflecting it.

Growing through Challenges
Andreas Peham already gained experience in development at Greiner Perfoam and in injection moulding process development at ZKW Lichtsysteme GmbH. An avid athlete and amateur chef, he enjoys growing not just professionally, but also on a personal level, by tackling this new challenge. He is especially happy to be a part of the SWARCO Advanced Industry Systems team from the beginning, and to contribute to shaping and further developing the new business segment.

About SWARCO Advanced Industry Systems
As part of the international SWARCO group, SWARCO Advanced Industry Systems leverages the universal benefits of glass beads for special industry applications. In 1969 SWARCO started out with the manufacture of tiny reflective glass beads for road markings. Today, the group has grown into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of micro glass beads, with production facilities in Europe, the United States and Saudi Arabia. Micro glass beads serve as high-grade filling agents for industrial applications and as blasting media for surface treatment applications. In traffic technology, micro glass beads which are embedded in the marking materials reflect the beam from the headlight back to the driver, making road markings visible; this enhances road safety, especially at night.

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