Sunlumo wins Green Product Award

The One-World-Solar-System’s collector was one step ahead of its competitors in the category “Consumer Electronics”.

With its One-World-Solar-Collector, a component of the One-World-Solar-System, Sunlumo was crowned winner in the category “Consumer Electronics” at the 2016 Green Product Awards. “The high-caliber jury was impressed by the innovative system, which represents a technological leap forward and ushers in a new era for solar hot water heating”, said Sunlumo CEO Robert Buchinger about the award. The jury members also liked the superior cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness of the innovative One-World-Solar-Collector compared to conventional collectors.

Perg, July 6th 2016 – “The One-World-Solar-Collector lays the foundation and is a key component for a complete and cost-effective solar system”, said Robert Buchinger. Sunlumo is one of the winners of the Green Product Award. The solar experts from Perg (in Upper Austria) competed with others in the category “Consumer Electronics” and impressed with their innovative and unique plastic-made system. The One-World-Solar-Collector was assessed by an expert jury consisting of professionals in design, economy and industry, who praised its environmental friendliness, low manufacturing costs and clever utilization of solar energy. The system’s customer oriented product design and the smart mix of materials were also acknowledged. The One-World-Solar-System represents the next generation of solar water heating that can either be implemented in established building systems or as an off-grid system. Furthermore, the system’s latest communication technology enables both continuous monitoring and optimization as well as direct interaction with the customer.

Official award presentation in October at the Designers’ Open in Leipzig

The Green Product Award is an annual international competition for innovative and sustainable products and concepts, which took place for the first time in 2014. Projects from more than 25 countries have been submitted. Last year alone, the exhibitions attracted over 250,000 visitors interested in the featured innovations. The online public voting for the Public Choice Award runs from June until October. The official award presentation then takes place in October at the Designers’ Open in Leipzig.

An incentive for research and development

The Green Product Award is yet another incentive for research and development at Sunlumo. Last year the One-World-Solar-Collector within the One-World-Solar-System was awarded the Solar Keymark certificate of quality and also won the German Federal Ecodesign Award. Furthermore, just a few weeks ago Sunlumo received the Energy Globe Upper Austria for its pioneering plastic-made product in the category “Sustainable Plastics”.

Corporate data
Sunlumo Technology GmbH is an international solar company with offices in Austria, China, India and the USA. The company mainly focuses on green technology, solar-thermal engineering, research, development and trade. Sunlumo chiefly targets investors for innovative projects, partners for the development of new technologies in Europe and Asia, as well as dealers in the field of environmental technology. Another key feature of its service range is industrial design for solar energy applications. The managing partners and project managers of Sunlumo, Robert Buchinger and Markus Barek, are also DIN CERTCO-accredited auditors for Solar Keymark certification.

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