Safe surfaces in road traffic

When it comes to durable, safe surface marking systems, SWARCO Road Marking Systems relies on a special cold plastic.

Surface markings rank among the most highly stressed areas of traffic routes. They are exposed to heavy loads and are intended to guide users safely for a long time. SWARCO Road Marking Systems scores highly here with a special cold plastic. LIMBOPLAST D485 has proven itself on demanding road sections, such as roundabouts and keep-out areas. It combines long-lasting durability, high elasticity, and sustainable resistance to skidding. Even after nine years of use, this is still well above the minimum values, according to a recent study.

Amstetten, March 30, 2020 – Roundabouts, keep-out areas, and lane directions – all of these road markings are subject to exceptional challenges. In order to enable safe passage over these areas, a marking must meet specific requirements. SWARCO Road Marking Systems has also achieved great success in this special segment. With its LIMBOPLAST D485 product, the marking experts have succeeded in combining high visibility and sustainability. As a cold plastic, the road marking is especially elastic and flexible. Thanks to these properties, it also contributes to preserving the road surface and helps prevent cracks.

Sustainably non-slip and environmentally friendly
“LIMBOPLAST D485 belongs to the group of solvent-free, multi-component, reactive systems. The marking consists of two components that only combine on application, thereby precluding any subsequent deformation,” explains Harald Mosböck, Head of SWARCO Road Marking Systems Europe. “One of the greatest challenges for road operators is how to minimize the risk of skidding. This is a familiar issue, particularly with older marking systems. Whenever it rains or snows, people avoid markings when braking or accelerating. LIMBOPLAST D485 provides a remedy,” says Mosböck. Thanks to different types and sizes of anti-skid particles, the cold plastic achieves significantly higher anti-skid values. SWARCO Road Marking Systems primarily uses bauxite rock for this purpose. Its high abrasion resistance ensures a long marking service life. This spares the road operator time-consuming rework and road closures.

Study proves high durability
A recent study confirms the longevity of LIMBOPLAST D485. In 2010 SWARCO Road Marking Systems supplied the marking system for a roundabout in the Hessian town of Bad Vilbel. After nine years and an average daily frequency of about 17,000 vehicles, the grip level was still very respectable. The measurement yielded a value of 60 SRT (Skid Resistance Tester). According to EN 1436, a value of 45 SRT is sufficient. However, this sustainability is not only a safety factor. A long service life is also becoming increasingly important as a key factor in ecological assessments. SWARCO Road Marking Systems therefore combines sustainable traffic safety with greater environmental compatibility.

Corporate data
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