New name, new leadership – SWARCO Advanced Industry Systems becomes SWARCO Indusferica

With a new name and under the new leadership of Andreas Peham, the business unit is increasing its focus on glass beads.

SWARCO Advanced Industry Systems will concentrate even more on its core competence of micro glass beads in future. To reflect this, the business unit has been given a new name: SWARCO Indusferica. Since the beginning of April, it has also had a new leader: Andreas Peham, who has held the role of Sales & Application Engineer at SWARCO since 2020, will be responsible for SWARCO Indusferica’s business development activities from now on.

Amstetten, May 9, 2023 – May marks the start of a fresh era for the SWARCO Group: Its innovative business unit SWARCO Advanced Industry Systems is now operating under a new name: SWARCO Indusferica. “With this move, we will focus our research, development and innovation efforts even more on our core area of expertise, i.e. micro glass beads for special industrial applications,” said Andreas Peham. Peham took charge of SWARCO Indusferica at the beginning of April and will be responsible for business development.

Focusing on strengths
SWARCO Indusferica will stay true to the existing philosophy: “We harness the universal benefits of glass beads for special industrial applications in an energy-efficient way.” SWARCO Indusferica will also remain committed to its vision of producing glass beads that are the first choice for companies worldwide – in all niches – due to their efficiency, diversity, and intelligent design. “Our principle of ‘universal efficiency’ will now be followed by SWARCO Indusferica as well,” confirmed Peham. The product portfolio, including SWARCOFORCE, SWARCOBLAST, and SWARCOCLEAR, remains unchanged.

Quality expert with a sense of responsibility
Andreas Peham has been with the SWARCO Group since 2020 in the role of Sales & Application Engineer for the SWARCOFORCE product line. He studied plastics engineering at university and gained experience in development at Greiner Perfoam and in injection-molding process development at ZKW Lichtsysteme. “I’m really looking forward to the new challenge in business development at SWARCO Indusferica,” said Peham. He is aiming to improve the standard of quality even further and tailor products and services even more closely to customer needs – with appropriate investment, where necessary. “One of our main priorities will be to push ahead with sustainability topics, such as circular economy and energy efficiency,” he reveals. SWARCO Indusferica’s existing JOIN&GROW program will be continued in close collaboration with selected partners.

About SWARCO Indusferica
SWARCO Indusferica is part of the international SWARCO Group and utilizes the universal benefits of glass beads for special industrial applications. What began in 1969 as a business producing small reflective glass beads for road markings has evolved into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of micro glass beads, with production sites in Europe and the USA. Micro glass beads serve as a high-grade filler material in industrial applications and as a blasting abrasive for surface treatments. In the field of traffic technology, the micro glass beads embedded in the marking material reflect headlamp light to keep road markings visible. This increases road safety, particularly at night.

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