Leveraging the universal benefits of glass beads for special industry applications

SWARCO Advanced Industry Systems – the new business segment of the SWARCO group is yet another milestone in the company’s success story.

“We leverage the universal benefits of glass beads for your special industry applications, in energy-efficient ways.” This is the mission of SWARCO’s new business segment SWARCO Advanced Industry Systems. The new segment focuses on catering to industry perfectly by utilizing glass beads. Its product portfolio includes glass beads used as blasting media for cleaning, or as filling agents for plastics or additives for building materials, paints and varnishes. SWARCO Advanced Industry Systems offers solutions tailored to the client’s needs and thus aims to become a first-choice supplier in this field.

Amstetten, 12th May 2020 – “With SWARCO Advanced Industry Systems, we are making decades of research and know-how on the universal applications of micro glass beads accessible to industry,” says Robert Buchinger, in charge of Business Development at SWARCO Advanced Industry Systems. With continuous research and development activities at the Competence Center for Glass Technology in Amstetten, Austria, SWARCO has always been the front runner, setting new standards in the production of versatile glass beads. This year, SWARCO Advanced Industry Systems will already enter the market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, offering the full range of its products and services. Select parts of the new segment will also be represented in all of Europe and in the USA.

A broad range of applications
As blasting beads, micro glass beads are used for surface finishing in processes such as cleaning, deburring or derusting. As filling agents, micro glass beads impact the properties of products, thereby enhancing their functionality. These glass filler beads are typically used for plastics or as additives for building materials, paints and varnishes. The products’ physical and optical qualities can thus be improved based on their intended application.

For SWARCO, sustainability and environmental protection are about being aware of its ecological footprint and constantly working on improving it. Instead of producing flat glass by melting primary raw materials, SWARCO Advanced Industry Systems sources high-grade recycled glass from the flat glass industry, which uses 50% less energy. The recycled material used consists solely of cuttings and scraps from high-quality industrial glass (post-industrial waste).

About SWARCO Advanced Industry Systems
As part of the international SWARCO group, SWARCO Advanced Industry Systems leverages the universal benefits of glass beads for special industry applications.
In 1969 we started out with the manufacture of tiny reflective glass beads for road markings. Today, we have grown into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of micro glass beads, with production facilities in Europe, the United States and Saudi Arabia. Micro glass beads serve as high-grade filling agents for industrial applications and as blasting media for surface treatment applications. In traffic technology, micro glass beads which are embedded in the marking materials reflect the beam from the headlights back to the driver, making road markings visible; this enhances road safety, especially at night.

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