India launches green jobs training initiative with software from Europe

Sunlumo distributes innovative simulation software for renewable energy supply.

Together with its partner ADS Projects & Systems Pvt. Ltd., Sunlumo, a green tech company from Perg in Upper Austria, distributes innovative design and simulation software for sustainable energy supply in India. “From now on, this software will also be used for all India-wide training programmes related to green and solar jobs,” announces Sunlumo CEO Robert Buchinger.

Perg/Mumbai, 28th March 2018 – For India’s national skill development programme, various job profiles and qualifications packages have been defined. As part of the agreed measures to take effect immediately, prospective employees of certain green and solar jobs will receive training in PV*SOL®, the dynamic simulation program developed by Valentin Software for the design and optimization of photovoltaic systems. This innovative program allows for a more precise calculation of self-consumption and efficient system optimization and visualization. After entering parameters such as location, consumption and PV system, the program calculates irradiation, system yields, solar fractions, system efficiency, CO2 savings and the amortization period. The automatic configuration delivers all meaningful inverter combinations for PV systems, allowing for optimal system configuration. Sunlumo and its partner ADS Projects & Systems Pvt. Ltd. are the exclusive distributors of Valentin Software in India. ADS is also a Government of India certified training academy.

Leading provider of innovative design software
Valentin Software develops software for the simulation and design of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems and looks back on over 25 years of successful company history. With PV*SOL®, a program offering dynamic simulation and design of PV systems, as well as yield and economic efficiency forecasts, Valentin Software ranks among the worldwide leading providers in innovative design software for sustainable energy supply. The system is used in the industrial sector, by engineers, planners, universities and research institutes.

Corporate data
Sunlumo Technology GmbH is an international solar company with offices in Austria, China and India. The company mainly focuses on green technology, solar-thermal engineering, photovoltaics, research, development and trade. Sunlumo chiefly targets investors for innovative projects, partners for the development of new technologies in Europe and Asia, as well as distributors in the field of environmental technology. Another key feature of its service range is industrial design for solar energy applications. The managing partners and project managers of Sunlumo, Robert Buchinger and Markus Barek, are also DIN CERTCO-accredited auditors for Solar Keymark certification.

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