Fill counts on the power of the sun

Fill Machine Engineering has installed 1,400 photovoltaic elements on the roof of the new Future Zone. In total, 30 percent of all the company’s energy needs are now met by solar power.

Upper Austrian machine builder Fill also demonstrates innovation in the field of environmentally friendly energy. 1,400 photovoltaic elements with a total output of 420 kWp (kilowatts peak) have been installed on the roof of the new Fill Future Zone. Including existing systems, total capacity now stands at around 1,350 kWp. This means that almost one third of total annual electricity consumption can be generated on site. Around half a million euros have been invested in the new system.

Gurten, 14th May 2020 – A high-tech center for the advancement of digitalization, software production, and mechanical development is being created at the heart of the Innviertel region in the form of the new Fill Future Zone in Gurten. The roof of the Fill Future Zone has be fitted with 1,400 photovoltaic modules. Together with the existing solar power plant (around 3,000 modules), they yield a total of 1,350 kWp. And this could supply 270 single-family dwellings with energy for a whole year.

Resource conservation
Implementation of this project shows how consistently the internationally successful machine engineering experts are implementing their policy of resource-conserving production. “Minimizing resource consumption, reducing emissions, and protecting soil, water, and air are a primary concern for us,” emphasizes Wilfried Fladl, who is responsible for environmental issues at the company. On fine sunny days, the huge photovoltaic system generates so much electricity from solar energy that the entire demand of Fill Machine Engineering in Gurten can be covered. The PV system also supplies ten charging stations with 11 and 22 kW for electromobility.

Competent partner
The photovoltaic plant at Fill covers a total area of 7,200 square meters, making it one of the largest of its type in Upper Austria. The aluminum substructure represented one of the biggest challenges in the installation process. Countless individual parts had to be fitted properly and thousands of meters of cables laid. Ökovolt Solartechnik GmbH from Ostermiething (Upper Austria) was responsible for the entire project – from planning to submission through to construction and commissioning. The Ökovolt Group has tremendous expertise in the field of solar energy and ranks among the sector’s leading innovators.

Corporate data
Fill is a leading international machine and plant manufacturing company serving diverse branches of industry. The family-owned business excels in the use of the latest technology and methods in management, communication, and production. Business operations encompass the fields of metal, plastics and wood for the automotive, aviation, sport, and building industries. The company is the global market and innovation leader in aluminum core removal technology, casting technology, wood bandsaw technology, as well as in ski and snowboard production machines. Andreas Fill and Wolfgang Rathner are joint CEOs of the company founded in 1966 that is still completely family-owned and now has more than 920 employees. In 2019, the company recorded sales of around 169 million euros.

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