The fine art of innovation

Ever-changing market requirements and high quality standards continuously demand new solutions. At the AMB 2018, Fill demonstrated its innovative machining concepts for vehicles of the future.

The syncromill h machining center was presented for the first time at the trade fair held in Stuttgart on September 18-22. The unique, intelligent machining concept is the ideal multi-spindle solution for efficiently machining framework structural components. The syncromill d machining center for the economical and flexible machining of large components in the smallest of spaces could also be seen live on the Fill exhibition stand.

Stuttgart/Gurten, October 2, 2018 –
  "Driven by the electromobility trend, vehicle manufacturers are developing special framework structural components, such as side members, cross members, engine mounting brackets, and battery trays. For this purpose, they need machines that can process them economically and efficiently," explains Friedrich Dallinger, Head of Fill’s Metal Machining Technology Center. Fill’s new machine models are capable of dealing with the modified dimensions and requirements for structural vehicle components. The Fill booth at the AMB in Stuttgart was a highly frequented meeting point for the industry over the five days of the trade fair. The syncromill h and syncromill d machining centers, which are already being used successfully by several customers, were presented to international experts for the first time at the AMB in Stuttgart. Fill also presented its smart factory solution cybernetics – which represents the state of the art in the area of digitalization – as well as its fully integrated smart vision solutions for quality assurance.

syncromill h – unique and efficient

syncromill h is the ideal multi-spindle solution for machining structural framework components, such as side members, cross members, and crossbeams, from profiles or castings. The machining center facilitates simultaneous machining of two identical components using two vertical spindles. This results in a considerable productivity benefit compared to single-spindle systems. syncromill h can be upgraded with a fourth axis on the machining unit and a fifth axis for rotating the workpieces – ideal for precision machining of very complex component geometries.

syncromill d – universal and space-saving

Whether it be cross-members, structural vehicle components, battery trays, chassis parts, or other components, the Fill syncromill d machining center is simply the best solution when universal, precise, and space-saving machining needs to be carried out on large-volume components extremely economically in conjunction with intelligent clamping concepts. In its role as general contractor, Fill assumes responsibility for the customer’s production engineering – from the rough casting to the machined, cleaned, tested, and assembled finished part.
The workpiece is positioned in the machining area with the help of a rotary table; the tool spindles in the X, Y, and Z directions. The variable positioning of the rotary table (A/B-axis) allows a wide range of different machining operations to be covered. As well as short chip-to-chip times, the laterally positioned tool magazine also facilitates excellent accessibility.

smart vision solutions – a question of quality

Ever increasing quality requirements and the necessity for 100% inspection in production call for innovative image processing solutions. With smart vision solutions – the "eyes" of the plant – state-of-the-art camera systems and powerful machine-learning algorithms provide for position detection, type recognition, testing for completeness, and quality control. This makes complex and highly flexible automation processes possible. Fill presented an example of a smart vision solutions application at the AMB, in the form of a porosity and cavity inspection utilizing fully integrated image processing installed in the tool holder of the syncromill d machining center.

Fill cybernetics

The Fill cybernetics smart factory solution provides decisive competitive advantages. Smart process control optimizes the component flow and the capacity utilization of production lines. Maintenance times are determined or planned in advance to avoid unexpected downtime. In parallel, all production and process data is collected and recorded. This guarantees seamless component traceability. Platform-independent dashboards designed to customer specifications provide a clear overview and enable detailed analysis of the production and machines. This increases availability and raises productivity levels.

Corporate data
Fill is a leading international machine and plant manufacturing company serving diverse branches of industry. The family-owned business excels in the use of the latest technology and methods in management, communication, and production.
Business operations encompass the fields of metal, plastics and wood for the automotive, aircraft, wind energy, sport and building industries. The company is the global market and innovation leader in aluminum core removal technology, casting technology, wood bandsaw technology, as well as in ski and snowboard production machines. Andreas Fill and Wolfgang Rathner are joint CEOs of the company founded in 1966, which is still completely family-owned and now has about 830 employees. In 2017, the company recorded sales of around 160 million euros.

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