Beer, barber, beauty: Power Cube to energize company and team

Fill is constructing a new building with an innovative utilization and energy concept. It will include parking areas, new workspaces, a rooftop garden, a bar, and premises for external service providers.

Planning for Fill’s new construction project is already well under way. The machine engineering company is creating new logistics areas and a 550-space parking garage in Gurten. The rooftop is due to be completed by mid-2024 and will feature a garden, offices, a bar for staff and the public, as well as fitness and beauty premises. The building is being constructed entirely on already utilized land. Furthermore, thanks to state-of-the-art photovoltaic technology, the Power Cube will generate more energy than it consumes. Construction is planned to start in the fall of 2022. At the same time, a new bonus model will enhance the company’s image as an attractive employer.

Gurten, June 24, 2022 – The Fill Future Tube – the connecting bridge between the production halls and the Future Zone – is only a couple of months old, but Fill has already revealed its plans for the next major project in Gurten. The new Power Cube will solve the logistics and parking situation, as well as supply energy and create new recreational spaces for employees. The family business has long been known far beyond Innviertel as one of the region’s most attractive employers. “Finding and retaining good staff is becoming increasingly difficult. You could say that a ‘battle for talent’ is happening, which is often fought in a very brutal manner. We have consciously chosen to take different approaches, which have proven their worth. The Fill Power Cube and our new bonus model are our next upgrade in this sense,” says CEO and proprietor Andreas Fill.

From ideas to visions
The plans for the construction project are already at an advanced stage. They initially came about due to the team’s long-held desire to have sheltered parking spaces. After a unanimous decision by the municipality in 2021, Fill was finally granted permission to build over the public road to create additional parking spaces next to the assembly halls. Befitting of Fill, the plans for the parking garage gradually turned into a visionary project. “As so often in our company’s history, good ideas evolved into some really exciting projects. A parking garage alone would have been too boring for Fill. It had to be even bigger and better,” adds Andreas Fill with a grin. Thus, as the number of ideas grew during continuous brainstorming on the topic, so did the scope of the project, before concrete plans for a sustainable construction project were eventually laid down on paper. Following the recently completed Fill Future Tube – a connecting bridge between the production halls and the Future Zone digitalization center – the company is now about to launch its next major project.

Much more than just a parking garage
The Power Cube will be built exclusively on Fill’s land in Gurten. The first step will involve increasing the size of the logistics area, which has reached its capacity limits. An additional 1,500 to 2,000 square meters of space should ensure that there are no capacity shortages in the coming years. Construction is planned to start in the fall of 2022. The next phase will then follow in 2023, when the parking decks are set to be built on the new logistics area. They will provide space for 550 cars across five floors. This will mean shorter and, in particular, drier journeys to work for the company’s continuously growing team.

Workspaces, recreation and fitness
Fill is making innovative use of the rooftop. By 2024, a completely new area will be created there and will perfectly complement the wide range of employee perks. In addition to 150 new workspaces with lots of natural daylight, there are plans to create a large rooftop garden with seating areas in the inner courtyard as a recreational area. The existing fitness center will be relocated, expanded and furnished with new equipment. The plans also include spaces for yoga and group training, as well as two massage rooms. “We are creating ideal conditions for a physiotherapy practice here. The space can be rented by an external therapist, who will be able to serve both our employees and non-company patients,” says Andreas Fill looking ahead.

Beer, barber, beauty
These three words summarize what the new amenities in the Power Cube will be all about. The plans include a bar, which at a height of around twenty meters will offer panoramic views of the Sachsenbucherberg. The bar is intended to offer its guests, including members of the public, a nice atmosphere in which to relax and socialize. The Power Cube will also boast a hair and beauty salon for men and women. Inquiries from other potential service providers in the health sector are currently being assessed. The range of services and amenities in the Power Cube is therefore likely to be even more extensive.

More green energy than is consumed
Sustainability is a key consideration in the plans for the new building. The entire Power Cube is being designed as a so-called Active House. Energy is produced by a photovoltaic system integrated into the roof and facade. The panels generate more energy than is consumed by the whole building. Fill thereby makes a further contribution to the production of sustainable energy and the resilience of external producers. A 7,200-square-meter photovoltaic system on top of the company’s buildings and halls already generates almost a third of the electricity needed by the company.

Construction to start in Q3 2022
Johannes Ebner was tasked with drawing up the plans for the Power Cube. The Innviertel-based architect has been working with Fill for many years and has successfully completed several major projects. Initial discussions with the authorities have already taken place, and planning permission is expected to be granted in the third quarter of 2022. “As things stand, work is expected to get under way at the end of the summer. However, because of the situation in the global economy at present, delays and material shortages can almost certainly be expected. We are optimistic that we’ll be able to proceed as planned, as there is an enormous amount of interest in this project,” explains Andreas Fill.

Performance bonus for the team
With the performance bonus for its employees, Fill is sending out a further message that good performance is rewarded from day one. “As an international industrial enterprise, we are a major player in the global mechanical engineering sector. Innovation comes from the brightest minds. Hard work and determination in all divisions are absolutely critical to the success of our company. And they are rewarded accordingly, as we share ten percent of our company’s profits with the team,” says Andreas Fill proudly. This year, the total bonus will amount to more than a million euros. It will be divided on the basis of a transparent and fair model that has been widely accepted by the workforce.

Corporate data
Fill is a leading international machine engineering company based in Gurten, Upper Austria. With sophisticated high-tech systems and custom manufacturing solutions for metal, plastics and wood, Fill makes its customers the best in their fields. The automotive, aviation, sports and building industries all benefit from Fill’s expertise. Since it was founded in 1966, the company has distinguished itself through enormous innovative strength, strong values and the best jobs. “If you are seeking the best solution, shape your future with Fill” is the guiding principle of the company’s more than 950 employees. “Wir sind 1! We are one!” is their vision and stands for togetherness not only with the team, but also with customers, suppliers and partners. The company is 100 percent family-owned and managed by Andreas Fill (CEO), Martin Reiter (CSO), Alois Wiesinger (CTO) and Günter Redhammer (COO). In 2021, Fill recorded sales of around 180 million euros.

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