US Test Deck Demonstrates Outstanding Performance by SWARCO Road Markings

Several years in, SWARCO 1110 and SWARCO DURALUX still deliver impressive results, measurements taken in Texas prove.

Modern lane markings are one of the most important roadway safety factors. In that respect, durability is an essential factor. The glass beads embedded in the marking materials must be able to reflect enough light even after intense use. The advantages of SWARCO DURALUX have now been proven by a test deck study in Texas. In addition to yielding much higher retroreflection values than conventional glass beads upon application, these premium glass beads are able to maintain their lead even after 21 months of use on major thoroughfares.

28th May 2020 – As new generations of vehicles increasingly rely on semi-autonomous driver assistance systems, technical road infrastructure is constantly gaining importance. These systems are particularly dependent on sustainable lane marking visibility. SWARCO Road Marking Systems is a front runner in this field. And now, US test deck measurements are there to prove it.

Retroreflection Values 50% above Average
For the test deck study, we analyzed some road markings in Texarkana, Texas, over the long term. These road markings were applied using the SWARCO 1110 Series High Build Traffic Paint in combination with SWARCO DURALUX premium glass beads. For white markings, the initial measurement taken immediately after applying this system showed retroreflection values of 905 mcd/m²*lx on average, while yellow markings averaged at 635 mcd/m²*lx – which is exceptionally high for yellow markings. By contrast, conventional glass beads yield average values of 400 mcd/m²*lx. Four months later, SWARCO DURALUX performed at an average of 780 (white) and 543 (yellow) mcd/m²*lx respectively. The longer this system was in use, the more these premium glass beads proved their worth. After 21 months, the average retroreflection values were 575 and 287 mcd/m²*lx respectively, still higher than those of brand-new standard beads.

The next generation of glass beads
Road markings are there, first and foremost, to help us find our bearings on the road, making road traffic safer. In this respect, it is key that marking materials reflect the beam from the headlight back in an optimal angle for the driver. Road users rely on this quality for their safety, especially in wet or dark conditions. With its Road Marking Systems Division, SWARCO, a global company with worldwide operations, is one of the front runners in this area. SWARCO DURALUX is the high-end product reflecting state-of-the-art research, with retroreflection values sometimes topping 1,000 mcd/m²*lx while offering clear economic benefits as well. Thanks to their special glass composition, these premium glass beads are exceptionally durable. With their long service life, they reduce remarking costs and provide road operators with an optimized price-to-performance ratio.

About SWARCO Road Marking Systems
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