So good to see you again … In Barcelona

The IAAPA Expo in Barcelona was a resounding success. After months of social distancing, the industry finally met again in person.

From Sept. 28th to 30th many visitors and customers followed the IAAPA’s – the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions – call to gather at their international expo in Barcelona. For ZIERER the fair was highly successful in terms of business. The company furthermore was able to impress customers and visitors alike with exciting new concepts for dark rides. However, the universally agreed upon biggest success of the event was the long-missed opportunity to meet and greet in person again. Everybody felt that it was exceptionally “good to see you again”, here in Barcelona.

Deggendorf, November 2, 2021 – „After two years, I am really happy to be able to meet again with customers, colleagues, friends and partners in person“, says ZIERER CEO Martin Weichselgartner. „And of course, I am overjoyed with the economic success as well as the acknowledgement of the industry, which was bestowed upon our company here in Barcelona“, he adds. Weichselgartner is referring to the successful conclusion of a contract, receiving an European Star award and the positive feedback towards their latest dark-ride-concepts. For ZIERER their success at the Expo in Barcelona was truly resounding.

The whole works
The culmination of success at the IAAPA Expo in Barcelona was the signing of a contract for a new Family Freefall Tower. The ride will be delivered to a German amusement park in the upcoming season. The tower will inspire and bring fun to families’ lives in the spirit of ZIERER.

A silver award
The ZIERER thrill ride Star Shape MECHANICA in Liseberg, Sweden, was awarded a European Star Award in silver as Europe’s second best thrill ride by “Kirmeß & Park Revue”. „We are particularly pleased by this prize because it shows how popular our products are”, says Martin Weichselgartner. MECHANICA was launched in Liseberg in 2015 and has been going strong ever since.

A concept to fit all sizes
Inspired by the huge success of the Ghost Busters dark ride in Heide Park, Germany, ZIERER started concept work for comparable rides in three different sizes. Aiming to apply the original formula to small and medium amusement parks, ZIERER teamed up with the “Leisure Expert Group”, from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Combining ZIERER’s engineering skills and the Leisure Expert Group’s profound expertise in design, a concept for three sizes emerged: for one, four and up to nine vehicles. Thus, future dark rides are adaptable to each and every local situation. Concerning the price tag, they will also fit every budget – even the smallest one. Themes for the new rides at the moment range from „Dino Scan“ via „Merlin’s Quest“, to „Farmfrenzy“, „Cretar“ and „Music Festival“. In Barcelona ZIERER presented two models of every size in two thematic variations. „These models are supposed to be entrance points for further discussion and negotiation“, ZIERER CEO Martin Weichselgartner explains. „We welcome every kind of partner and cooperation for those concepts and actual installations“, he adds. The large amount of positive feedback for the new concept at the IAAPA Expo bodes very well for future means of commercialization.

Corporate Data
ZIERER is a German company located in Deggendorf, Bavaria. True to its motto: “ZIERER inspires”, the company has been manufacturing rides of renown for many years. Its line of production includes the well known and loved “original Wave Swinger”, all kinds of roller coasters, family towers, fun- and major rides as well as an advanced dark ride system. Furthermore, ZIERER produces a wide range of individually adjustable family rides and rides that are more thrilling like the Star Shape, and more. Artistic uniqueness and safety are fundamental with every single design. For many decades, ZIERER has been a reliable partner for installing and equipping attractions and amusement parks around the globe. Universal, Disney, SeaWorld, the Merlin Entertainment Group (which also includes Legoland Parks worldwide), OCT China as well as the Plopsa Group, Europa Park and many others range among the company’s customers.