Silicone global player from Upper Austria set for further expansion

Elmet is expanding its production facility in Oftering and adapting its sales structure to improve customer interaction.

Elmet is following a path of expansion and enlarging its plant in Oftering by 3,500 square meters. The Upper Austrian company is reacting to continuous growth in the field of liquid and solid silicone, as well as elastomer and multi-component parts manufacturing. Elmet is not only expanding its production facilities, but it has also adapted its sales management in a focused team to meet customer requirements. Going forward, the company’s sales experts will be grouped into three business units: Dosing Technology, Tooling & Turnkey and Part Production.

Oftering, February 22, 2021 – Elmet is an internationally active, high-end, full system & service supplier specializing in the processing and dosing of liquid and solid silicone, as well as the production of high-quality elastomer and multi-component parts. The Upper Austrian company has defied the coronavirus pandemic as an owner-managed, financially strong, and locally focused business with stable sales figures. It is now taking the next step in its corporate development by expanding. “In April 2021, we will begin constructing a new building right beside the existing production facility. The addition will cover an area of 3,500 square meters. “We hope to begin manufacturing there as soon as 2022,” explains Kurt Manigatter, Managing Director of Elmet.

Growth brings a new sales structure
At the same time as expanding its manufacturing, Elmet is also modernizing the structure of its sales departments to better serve customer needs. “In the course of recent years, three key profit centers have emerged in the company. And now our sales division is being subdivided precisely into these three segments,” says Kurt Manigatter. Dosing Technology, Part Production, and Tooling & Turnkey will be the business units at Elmet going forward. With this new sales structure, Elmet is aiming to offer its customers an even better and more dedicated service from now on. “Thanks to specialization in the individual areas, we can arrive at the optimal individual solutions in an even more targeted manner. With this, we are laying an important cornerstone for the future success of our company and ensuring growth in the sales team,” says Kurt Manigatter.

Sales experts lead new business units
The business units will be managed by three Elmet professionals. Lukas Linimayr is the new Dosing Technology Business Unit Manager. His successful career at Elmet dates back to 2006, and he can draw on plenty of experience in the field of dosing technology. His counterpart in the Part Production business unit is Stefan Musner, who has been serving the Upper Austrian company as a sales specialist since 2020. The Tooling & Turnkey business unit is headed by Michael Schaffer, an expert in this field who has been at Elmet since 1998. Together, the new Business Unit Managing Team will supply the large number of customers worldwide more efficiently and effectively with solutions made in Upper Austria.

Corporate data
Molds. Dosing technology. Part production. Jobs. Elmet inspires with smart silicone solutions. This is Elmet’s new guiding principle. The innovative company was founded in the Upper Austrian town of Oftering in 1996. A powerful, dedicated team with a wealth of experience in mold making and liquid-silicone injection molding has since developed into an internationally successful systems builder. Today Elmet is a global player in designing and manufacturing high-quality equipment for the production of silicone parts.

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