Let’s Get Started! The Ellipse Flyer Soars Fun to Newer Heights

With its latest attraction – the Ellipse Flyer – Zierer offers its customers an innovative and top-class ride.

Suspended, horizontally rotating seats, elliptical rotation and an increasing sense of zero gravity are the exciting features of Zierer’s new Ellipse Flyer. The ride is arranged in four gondolas and holds space for 32 passengers. Its standard industrial, tech-heavy design with the possible added option of artificial smoke creates the illusion for passengers of being part of a giant engine in motion. All this naturally comes at the highest safety and quality standards – as always offered by Zierer.

Deggendorf, 12. April 2022 – “The Ellipse Flyer, according to our objectives, shall enrich the worldwide landscape of amusement parks by furnishing an exciting new innovation to their attractions”, says Zierer managing director Martin Weichselgartner. “And for those who were thrilled by our other rides, as with the Star Shape, they will be excited about our Ellipse Flyer, too”, he confidently maintains. “A ride on the Ellipse Flyer will be a turbulent experience in its literal sense”, says Weichselgartner with a gleeful wink.

A View To A Thrill
Once passengers are seated in the Ellipse Flyer’s ergonomic, foam cushioned seats and their safety bars are closed, a hydraulic system lowers the boarding platform and the gondola arms begin to swing the gondola units via a frame construction slowly back and forward. The four gondolas each meanwhile also begin to rotate. Passengers reach the highest elliptical rotation point of the ride after a few swings of the gondola arms followed by an entire rotation with an increasing sense of zero gravity. Rotations in both directions become possible by also having the gondolas moving down backwards when they are halting at the top position. The four gondolas (each composed of eight seats) rotate horizontally and allow for a breathtaking panoramic view in three dimensions of movement. As a special highlight feature, the Ellipse Flyer’s gondola arms can be stopped at a height of approx. 10 meters and provide a 360° all-round view of the entire amusement park and its surrounding landscape area as the gondolas continue with their horizontal rotation.

Safety is of the Essence
The Ellipse Flyer meets the usual highest quality and safety standards that are provided by Zierer. These also include the design of the safety bars in particular: redundantly designed safety bars with hydraulic storage cylinders that are also monitored by a PLC fail-safe system during the entire ride cycle. The safety bars are manually closed by trained operating personnel, before the start of each cycle. Control LEDs serve as a further safety element, which simultaneously indicate on each seat as well as on the control panel that the bars have reached their necessary minimum closing position and are locked as a prerequisite for switching to start enable mode. The parallel and mutually independent safety control functions of this ride system assure each passenger an absolutely carefree leisure time experience.

Unlimited Possibilities
The design of the Ellipse Flyer can also be freely executed according to the customer’s wishes for which Zierer is known widely. The company’s creative department already holds a variety of concept drawings for realizing the ride in underwater and jungle settings. Zierer artists have even been considering the idea of working on a ride design with a Wild West theme. – “Zierer inspires” in all shapes and colors!

Corporate Data
Zierer Karussell- und Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG is a German company located in Deggendorf, Bavaria. True to its motto: “Zierer inspires”, the company has been manufacturing rides of renown for many years. Its line of production includes the well-known and loved “original Wave Swinger”, all kinds of roller coasters, family towers, fun and major rides as well as an advanced dark ride system. Furthermore, ZIERER produces a wide range of individually adjustable family rides and thrilling rides like the Star Shape and more. Artistic uniqueness and safety are fundamental with every single design.
For many decades, ZIERER has been a reliable partner for installing and equipping attractions and amusement parks around the globe. As the company is renowned for being a provider of complete theme park sets, everything – from the first spark of inspiration through planning and production up to after sales services – can be done “under one roof“. This is why Universal, Disney, SeaWorld and many other famous locations range among the company’s customers.

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